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All American Performance industrial Airtools

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Explore all the American made industrial airtool categories.

Airtool Categories

Explore the entire lineup of our airtools for the industrial environment.

Die Grinders

Henrytools Die grinder multi tool pic


Horizontal Grinders (Large)

Henrytools horizontal grinder series multi tool pic


Extended Length Die Grinders

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Air Saws

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Angle Grinders

Henrytools Angle Grinder multi tool pic


Vertical Grinders

Henrytools vertical grinder multi tool pic


Scaling Hammers

Henrytools Scaling hammers multi tool pic


What's New

Henrytools new arrivals angle grinders

Air Rammers

Henrytools air rammer multi tool pic


Chipping Hammers

Henrytools Chipping hammer series multi tool pic


What's New.

Henrytools new arrivals of angle grinders


Printable Brochure

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Heavy Duty Industrial Grinding with Henrytools.

Featuring some of the finest industrial tools  made in America.   

Precision and Refinement

Striving for accuracy and precision in an industrial environment is critical. Error can cause frustration, inconsistency, poor results and even injury. Henrytools produces and meets the highest standards of quality and durability in industrial airtools.